His & Hers: What to Wear to a Summer White Party

June 27, 2016


Today I am sharing some outfit ideas for a summer white party.  Why?  Because I’m going to a summer white party!!  The Young Friends of Art (YFA) hosts a Summer White Party to raise funds for the Nelson Atkins Art Museum here in Kansas City.  This is their 7th Annual Summer White Party, and this year’s theme is “When in Rome”, which includes a special exhibit at the museum called “Luxury: Treasures of the Roman Empire”.  So not only will the party have an “everybody wear white” theme, but there is also a Roman theme.  Sounds fun, right?  Of course, one of my first thoughts was, what am I going to wear?  And what is my husband going to wear?  I’m going to assume that I’m not the only one who doesn’t wear all white on a regular basis (not since my wedding, really), so I’ve rounded up a few his and hers outfit ideas to wear to a Summer White Party!

Let’s start with the guys.  Of course the time of day plays a role in how casual or dressy the outfit should be.  Ours is in the evening (8pm), but I think that the guys can get away with going a little more casual than the ladies, so I’ve included a range of looks for the men, starting with the most casual.  I don’t know if I would have thought of this outfit myself, my husband was the one to suggest golf pants.  He is a stylish guy, but white pants just aren’t something he would wear regularly except on the golf course.  So I’m pretty sure that he will be attending wearing golf pants, but maybe not paired with a polo since it will be evening.  I personally am not a huge fan of white shoes for guys, so I added a little contrast to the outfit with some grey boat shoes.  My husband always wears a belt, and has one similar to the one pictured below.

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Polo | Golf Pants | Belt | Boat Shoes


My husband recently picked up a couple linen button ups, and I LOVE them on him.  A white linen shirt paired with white jeans seems perfect for summer, and the tan sneakers really pop off of the white.  So comfortable and relaxed.


Linen Button Up | White Jeans | Tan Sneakers

For this last look, I tried to go a little dressier.  You might have noticed that the guys looks don’t incorporate a Roman theme, but how exactly would one do that without wrapping him in a toga?  No togas allowed at this party, so I went for classic and sophisticated instead.  A crisp white button up with white chinos and shiny black shoes.  I added a black belt, but you could also do a white belt and the shoes will be that much more dramatic.Summer-White-Party-For-Guys-Look-2Button Up | Chinos | Belt | Shoes


Now for us ladies.  I didn’t want to go too crazy on the Roman theme, but having the theme in the back of my mind helped me to narrow my search quite a bit when looking for a white dress.  Because there are a lot of white dresses out there.  When I think about the Romans, gold definitely comes to mind.  I focused on gold jewelry for these looks, although you could do any color of metal and it will look great with white.

This lovely lacey dress feels romantic and drapey, just subtilely hinting at the theme for the evening.  Adding the long necklace with a tassle and gem feels like the right vibe without looking like a costume piece.  The cuff is another nod to the Romans, and with a bold bracelet choice and a long necklace, I like to keep it simple with the earrings.


Dress | Necklace | Earrings | Cuff | Shoes


This dress is so pretty, and paired with gladiator sandals it feels Roman, right?  I have never worn a a collar necklace, but I would be interested in trying one out for this event.


Dress | Necklace | Cuff | Sandals

I love the drama of this beautiful lace maxi.  It’s possible that it could feel a little too “wedding”, but I will be trying this one on to find out for sure.  It’s just too beautiful not to try.


Dress | Necklace | Cuff | Shoes


If you just really aren’t a fan of the Roman theme, I have 2 ideas for you too!  The first is a really classic cut white dress that you could also wear to work, or out to dinner.  A great option for a Summer White Party without feeling like you are playing dress up.


Dress | Earrings | Cuff | Shoes


I love the idea of a jumpsuit, and while I don’t own one (yet), I love this white one for a Summer White Party.  So chic, and sure to stand out (in a good way) at an event where a lot of people will be wearing dresses. Stilettos and bold jewely are the perfect accessory to a simple silhouette.  And how about those Roman details on the collar necklace?


Jumpsuit | Earrings | Necklace | Cuff | Shoes


Which outfit would you choose for yourself and your significant other?  Or do you have another suggestion for me?  I’m about to go shopping…

If you are local and want more information about the Summer White Party at the Nelson Atkins Art Museum, you can visit the website at www.summerwhiteparty.org.

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