Eat in Kitchens and Couches

Eat in Kitchens with Couches

I have done ALL the shopping this week friends.  I'm working with a client to decorate the home they built recently, and I'm hunting down art, curtains, rugs, and accessories in my favorite color way: blues and greens!  I'll be…

A Cool Southwestern Mood Board

A Cool Southwest Mood Board

The word "Southwestern" brings to mind gorgeous sunsets over the desert.  Tribal prints and cacti.  Reds, oranges, and browns.  The Southwestern look is beautiful, but maybe not appropriate for every home or even location.  Would it feel strange to walk…

Spring Instagram Roundup

Spring Instagram Round Up

I love Instagram.  It is by the far the social media platform that I spend the most time on.  Chances are, if my husband asks me what I'm looking at on my phone, it's Instagram.  I love getting to know…