Mood Board Monday: Front Room

May 22, 2017

If you saw Friday’s Post, you know that I’ve been working with a client and doing a lot of shopping for her new home.  While shopping, I found several things that would be great for a room in my house (doesn’t it always go that way?). The shopping led to making mood boards, and hopefully, it will lead to a furnished room!  I’ve had so much fun putting together mood boards for both my client and myself this week, I might just turn in into a series here on the blog.  First up for Mood Board Monday is the Front Room!

I haven’t shared my front room with you guys yet because it is just in a state of un-done.  Let me show you:

Mood Board Monday: Front Room

Gallery wall that is too small for the space that I intended to add to and never did…

Mood Board Monday: Front Room

Only two seats in a room that is frequently the hub when we have people over…

Mood Board Monday: Front Room

So.  Much.  Orange.

This room hasn’t changed a ton from when I painted it (English Channel by Behr) about 3 years ago.  I started in with this orange and blue color scheme, then had a baby, then made the room the playroom, then went crazy from all the toys everywhere, moved the toys, and now it looks like this.

While I have loved this dark, cozy paint color for a long time (English Channel by Behr), we are ready for a lighter and brighter space.  We are selling the curtains and chairs, and quite literally starting from scratch.

Monday Mood Board: Front Room

Mood Board Monday: Front Room

My plans for this room are to make it feel restful but still interesting, and add a lot more seating and storage.  We primarily use this room to read in, but it’s not really big enough to handle book shelves, so I’ve got some ideas to display more of our books.  And for some odd reason, we always hang out in here instead of the living room when guests are over.  Even if it means we’re sitting on the floor.

The vibe is a little traditional, a little cottage, with fun patterns and art.  The walls will be grey, and because I’ve got to bring my husband’s tastes into the design, we are going with silver accents instead of the gold I love so much.  Of course, the color scheme is still blue and white, which you would expect if you follow me on Instagram.


There are some really affordable pieces mixed in with some higher end pieces, and I’ll share all the sources from the mood board below.  The more I learn about design and discover new product designers and showrooms, the more I want to invest in quality, beautiful pieces.  So I’m working some of my favorites in that will really make the room and going with more affordable pieces where the budget requires it.

*Note: some of these links are affiliate links.  To read my full disclosure, click here.

Step number 1 is going to be getting this room painted!!  I’ll probably share more behind the scenes progress over on Instagram than on the blog, but make sure you sign up for emails below if you want to stay updated!



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