Five on Friday: Warm Neutral Paint Colors

January 19, 2018

5 on Friday: Warm Neutral Paint Colors


Last Friday we talked about neutral pillows, this week it’s warm neutral paint colors.  I think it’s all the cold winter weather we are having, but neutrals just feel right right now. A truly neutral paint color can be a wonderful canvas for a room. Not only does it allow your furnishings to really take center stage, but it also allows you to bring in different accent colors as often as you’d like without repainting.

Paint can be tricky, and I always recommend getting a sample size before committing to a full gallon.  So many factors affect how a paint color looks on the wall, not the least of which is the lighting.  If you want a more in depth discussion about how to pick a paint color, check out the blog post and free download I put together for you!

Five on Friday: Warm Neutral Paint Colors

All of the colors below are Sherwin Williams colors.  I’m not affiliated with them in any way, it’s just the brand I have the most personal experience with, and I really like their colors!

Amazing Grey

Living Room Reveal

Paint Color: Amazing Grey by Sherwin Williams

See the rest of our living room makeover.

This color runs through most of my home, and I’ve used it in several client’s homes as well.  It’s the perfect warm grey.  I’ve found that a lot of homes don’t have bright white trim and doors, which makes picking a “true grey” a challenge.  Cool grey’s will often look blue or purple next to a creamy white trim.  Amazing Grey is a warm grey, so sometimes it learns a bit more tan and others more grey, depending on the lighting throughout the day.  I really love this color for open concepts, hallways, and entry, it’s so warm and inviting.

Shoji White

How to Pick a Paint Color

Paint Color: Shoji White by Sherwin Williams

Design: Shuman Mabe Interiors

I love this warm white.  A client is painting all the trim in her house, and eventually the kitchen cabinets, this warm white shade.  Bright white starts to feel a little stark to me personally, so I love using something a little warmer.  How amazing does this white look with gold finishes?

Mega Greige

5 on Friday: Warm Neutral Paint Colors

Paint Color: Mega Greige by Sherwin Williams

Photo Source: This and That

Mega Greige is by far the darkest paint color that I’m sharing today.  It’s nice and moody and warm, and walks that line between brown and grey.  We actually have this color in my husband’s office, but I don’t have any photos of it!  We officially share an office now that I’m working on the nursery, so it will be getting a makeover soon.  But I love the color of the walls, so they will be staying Mega Greige.

China Doll

5 on Friday: Warm Neutral Paint Colors

Paint Color: China Doll by Sherwin Williams

Photo Source: Makeup by Tiffany D

Beige is coming back people.  No I mean it.  And I’m actually not sad about it.  As long as it doesn’t have yellow or orange undertones, beige can be a really refreshing neutral paint color.  Spoiler alert: China Doll is going in the new nursery!  It’s a really light color, not quite white, but a very light beige.  If you’re just a little tired of all the grey paint that’s been popular for so long, I highly suggest China Doll and the next paint color too.

Pavilion Beige

5 on Friday: Warm Neutral Paint ColorsPaint Color: Pavilion Beige by Sherwin Williams

Photo Source: Houzz

If you’d like something a little darker, Pavilion Beige might be a great choice.  I love that it is so neutral, no crazy yellow or orange undertones, so it feels fresh and modern.


I hope you like these warm neutral paint colors as much as I do, but remember to always try a sample in your space first!


5 on Friday: Warm Neutral Paint Colors
5 on Friday: Warm Neutral Paint Colors


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