A Cocoon Cardigan and an Anniversary

December 5, 2016

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cocoon cardigan

cocoon cardigan

cocoon cardigan

cocoon cardigan



My husband and I celebrated 6 years of marriage this past week. We are to that point in our marriage where we feel like we’ve been married forever and at the same time it feels like it was just yesterday.  Maybe that feeling never really goes away now.  We are also seeing that time is racing faster and faster, moments just fly by, and it’s harder to live in the now.

Life is changing rapidly, it’s out of our control, and there is always something new around the corner.  I’m so thankful for the relationship that my husband and I have worked to build over the last 6+ years, and that we get to share this crazy life.

Date Night

Our date nights have officially turned into the “same old same old”, and celebrating our anniversary was no different.  But for us, the “same old same old” is more of a comforting tradition than a boring rut.  There is nothing better than going out with your favorite person to your favorite restaurant, knowing exactly what the other person will order, the waiters knowing our faces or names, and that sense of being known.

I’m all for excitement and trying new things and places, but our anniversary this year was more about just being together.  We are TERRIBLE at documenting our dates/anniversaries with photos (goals for 2017), but a friend of mine (photo credit: mybreezyroom) took some photos for me a while ago and this outfit was the winner for our anniversary date night.

Cocoon Cardigan

My first cocoon cardigan has been a huge success, do you have one?  I’ve always loved a good draped cardigan, but get frustrated when they get in my way.  The design of this one make it easy to quickly push my sleeves up (and keep them up) when dishes or diaper duty call.  Unfortunately, this specific cocoon cardigan is out of stock, but I’ve linked to some other really pretty ones in pink and a few other colors as well below.

The pants are a new favorite from Stitch Fix (see the rest of my November Stitch Fix), and I am now a maroon convert.  Colors can play as neutrals, and I’ve been amazed at the versatility of these pants.  I’ve linked to one other option for maroon pants as well.

If you are in the market for a striped tunic (and who isn’t?), let me highly recommend this one.  It’s the perfect length for a longer cocoon cardigan, and the price is unbelievable.  I was afraid it was a too good to be true situation, but I have worn this tunic at least 20 times since I got it over the summer.  I love how well it’s holding up.


Thanks for reading!  And cheers to my dear husband, here’s to another 6 (or 60) years!



Note: this post contains affiliate links, which means that I make a small commission when you make a purchase using one of my links.  This does not affect the price that you pay!  Thank you for supporting the running of this blog.

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