How to Pick a Paint Color

How to Pick a Paint Color

Paint.  It's often the first suggestion offered as the easiest, most affordable way to update your space.  I totally agree!!  But it's also the thing that people often get really wrong.  Most people aren't really sure how to pick a paint…

Blush Pink Inspiration

Pink Blush Inspiration

Have you heard of Millenial Pink?  Apparently it's the "new pink", although there are about as many shades of it as there are blush pink.  I found a few absolutely GORGEOUS uses of Millenial blush pink that I just had…

Five Wardrobe Staples Under $50

Five Wardrobe Staples Under $50

Can I just tell you how I really feel about the whole capsule wardrobe thing?  I love it and hate it, depending on the day. A wardrobe that can be mixed and matched and that makes picking an outfit each day…

Eat in Kitchens and Couches

Eat in Kitchens with Couches

I have done ALL the shopping this week friends.  I'm working with a client to decorate the home they built recently, and I'm hunting down art, curtains, rugs, and accessories in my favorite color way: blues and greens!  I'll be…