Spring Instagram Roundup

Spring Instagram Round Up

I love Instagram.  It is by the far the social media platform that I spend the most time on.  Chances are, if my husband asks me what I'm looking at on my phone, it's Instagram.  I love getting to know…

Fashion Feature: Pretty in Camo


I never thought I would go shopping for camouflage anything.  Growing up, camo was something that my brothers wore to go hunting.  I didn't hunt, I didn't wear camo.  Now, I know that there are a lot of women who…

Tips for Recovering from Burnout

Recovering from burnout

Let's talk about burnout.  It's not a really fun, upbeat topic, but in an effort to be authentic and transparent I wanted to address it.  If you are a regular reader and are wondering where I've been, well, I burned…