Welcome to HappyMeetsHome!  My name is Shandy, and I’m here making a home and making it pretty, because I believe both matter.  I have really expensive taste without the budget to match, so I’m figuring out how to DIY my way to a home that I love.  I’m wife to Zach and a stay at home mom to 2 little girls, Claire (3) and Sophie (18 months).  I’m creating a home for and with my husband and daughters.  That means a lot of painting (and repainting) walls.  It means sewing and hammering.  It means DIY gone awry.  It means done is better than perfect.  It also means a whole lot of fun as I learn what my style really is in my first home.Arend1361


Our family moved to Kansas City, Missouri in February of 2014.  I had a little bun in the oven (Miss Sophie) and Claire was only 18 months old.  It was a tough transition for me to move away from very dear friends in Dallas, Texas to a new city in the middle of a pregnancy and with a tiny toddler.  But it was exciting too because we were moving into our very first home!  We love our house and it suits us well, but it’s not our “forever” home.  Sometimes that means I’m hesitant to pull the trigger on projects, but my hope is that through sharing what I’m doing on this blog it will push be to be bolder and do what I really love in the here and now.  Our house is pretty much builder grade everywhere and I’m slowly trying to make it feel like us.  I’ve made a lot of mistakes on the way, some of which I’m sure you will discover here if you decide to stick around.  I’m learning to love the mess and discovering style, where HappyMeetsHome



Some things you might want to know about me:

  1. I can be kind of passive about a lot of things in life, except driving.  I have a consistent battle with road rage that surprises even me.
  2. I’m the oldest of 7 children and I grew up on a farm in Western Kansas.
  3. I don’t eat raw cookie dough.  My mom was afraid of us getting salmonella, so we weren’t allowed to eat it.  I have friends who think I have missed out on something big in life, but I think it’s gross.
  4. I have struggled with being shy all of my life, so most people don’t know that I can be really sarcastic and sometimes even a little sassy.
  5. Even though I tend to by shy, I get this weird thrill out of public speaking, and now I’ve started a blog…
  6. My husband says I never finish drinks.  He is constantly finding even the smallest of drink containers with a partially consumed beverage.
  7. My favorite TV show ever is Friends, I’ve seen all 10 seasons more times than I want to admit, and my favorite character is Chandler.
  8. I’m on a journey to embrace my own creativity, which means that I have taken up photography, drawing, painting and blogging in the last 6 months.
  9. Painting makes me happy.  I’ve repainted our entire house (some rooms more than once) since we moved in.

Here is a list of some popular posts to get you familiar with the blog:





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